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The Adventure Group is a collaboration created to provide a full range of construction, equipment, management, and marketing services. Whether your needs include design and installation of a challenge course facility, selection and purchase of equipment, staff training, or marketing and business development, The Adventure Group is here to enable your success. Get started and contact us now!

Adventure Hardware

Adventure Hardware is the equipment supply store for challenge and adventure programs and courses. Whether you need ropes, harnesses, carabiners, games, portable initiatives, books or training materials - we will provide everything your program needs to run smoothly and keep your program safe.


Alpine Towers International designs, builds, services and equips the world’s finest experiential-learning and recreational environments. Refined engineering, precision craftsmanship, and the highest quality materials combine to create an environment that is simple to maintain and built to last.


Cornerstone Designs, Inc. has the expertise to build a variety of ropes course designs. Our diverse customer base—including colleges and universities, youth camps, corporate training sites, and military facilities—have provided us many opportunities to build low and high challenge courses across the nation.

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